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Tactical War Games in Goa

Milsim Goa Simulates War Games based on Historic events around the world. We even simulate movies like Black Hawk down, Saving private Ryan and others. 

This is to ensure the players (either from corporates or friends) has a feel of the real event, which makes it both a learning and fun experience If you want to enact a historice moment call us on +91-9552888000 or email us on ray@milsimgoa.com o r lance@milsimgoa.com

Tactical School Games in Goa.. 

Milsim Goa, has participated in Various schools and colleges for their Events or programmes. 

From PCCE, Chowgules, Damodars and others. we have provided the services of MILSIM Goa and ensure the students had a fun time during the Tactical School Games. Do call  us on +91-9552888000 or email us on ray@milsimgoa.com / Lance@mislimgoa.com and we could set up a booking to visit us or just advice you on Best practice on our Tactical Event Managment . 

Sports Activities in Goa. 

Milsim Goa is working closely with the Paintball Association of India to introduce Paintball as a sport in India and bring this sport to the serene touristic beauty of Goa. 

This making Goa a new destination for Paintball Related Sports activities in this region. Do call  us on +91-9552888000 or email us on ray@milsimgoa.com / Lance@mislimgoa.com for more details

Target Shooting Games in Goa . 

At Milsim Goa we have an age limit for those who play tactical paintball. Our Age limit is 14 years and above. However for Children and those who want to have a feel of our equipment , but dont want the adrenauline rush of a Tactical Team Game. We have Target rounds will falling target boards, So you get the bulls eye! and the boards fall out!

Target shooting games are ideal in giving you the feel of MILSIM Goa, without the actual rush. Do call  us on +91-9552888000 or email us on ray@milsimgoa.com / Lance@mislimgoa.com for more details