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"Operation Caterpillar" - An exhaustive, Rough terrain, slope inclined- powder ball bat More...


You are strategically positioned behind the military convoy vehicle. Your comrades (previously recognised as co-workers) crouch behind the nearby communications base and await your orders. You have a clear view of the enemy, but should you expose your position and risk heavy fire or continue forward to a safer point of attack? The decision is yours - the fate of the unit rests on your shoulders!
What better way to encourage leadership, nurture teamwork / team building  and establish a healthy and happy business environment than a corporate day out with MILSIM GOA ! At MilsimGoa we are renowned for organising convenient and adventurous corporate days of Tactical paintball action. Having fun together is incredibly important for staff morale, retention and productivity.  Yet it's often difficult to find something that all members of the team can enjoy; for example some people may be able to play golf (and hence enjoy a corporate golf-day), whilst others will not.  The great thing about paintballing is that it's a wonderful 'leveller' - it doesn't need any particular sporting ability, and it's possible for men and women, as well as people of all ages and all levels of fitness to participate on an equal footing.  
Let's face it, with a machine gun marker in our hands we are all equal! 
Current Corporate Plays include :
  • Operation DrugBust (Revolves around Following Strategic planning amongst competition)
  • Operation Medic Salvo (Trains teams to support one and another during crisis management)
  • Operation Behind Enemy Lines (War Against competitors and mission critical targets)
  • Search and denote (Handling Targets and deadlines)
  • Many others...
Designed with your business objectives in mind, our corporate events are tailored to fit your individual needs and budget.  MilsimGoa's team has a proven record in helping companies achieve their business objectives, and our events are a great way to motivate staff and thank valued clients.  Corporate Team Building has become an essential way to enhance Team spirit and Team work between employees, management and other team members. 
Games can be held between departments, mixed departments, management vs employees and so on. As mentioned there are various corporate activities thats be custom designed  especially as per your needs or your business lines. 

Goa as a Corporate destination 

Goa is an ideal desitination to have Corporate Team Building activities. With a balance tropical environment, affordable accomodation, surrounded by Nature and more.  

Some of our prestigious clients that have experienced MILSIM in Goa and brought their employees or corporate clients to experience a whole new arena of Simulated War Games.
Please call  us on +91-9552888000 or email us on ray@milsimgoa.com and we'll be happy to arrange an event for you.